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An African

Where young people realize their
full potential as life-giving leaders

To influence national youth policies that promote good health and well-being, quality education and employment of young people for the transformation of the African continent

To recognize, develop and nurture leadership capacities of young Africans locally and internationally to lead African’s development process

To fight against Africa’s inequality and poverty by developing entrepreneurial skills of young Africans to create their own employment and employment of others

To create a network of young Africans and learning opportunities to influence change and development of Africa

Upcoming YOLA Event
National Youth Dialogue

The maiden YOLA national event is the National Youth Dialogue with the theme ‘Securing the health of our future- Young people and drugs”. This is a national dialogue to discuss the cause of drug abuse among young people, implications for the future and what national action needs to be taken.

Latest Publications

YOLA Project 3

YOLA Project 3

This is an update on our latest project.
YOLA Project 2

YOLA Project 2

This is an update on our latest project.
YOLA Project 1

YOLA Project 1

This is an update on our latest project

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